Are Airport Parking Costs Unreasonably High in Australia?

Australians have been sparking serious questions towards the government on airport parking costs. With various studies done into the topic, the government concluded that airport parking prices were not unreasonably high and that there were important aspects to what made AUD$20 an hour fair.

Some of the reasons why the amount charged cannot be changed have a lot to do with taxis and other public transport options making parking less popular. The productivity commission conducted its report at various Australian airports. The main reason being the studies was to see whether they were overcharging for airport parking.

One of the main reasons behind their conclusion was that you pay for the comfort you want from the parking options. Convenience is something people like when flying, making your parking more expensive. The closer you are to the terminals, the more you will be paying for the parking.

Types of parking play a significant role in how much you will be paying, with valet and the closest spots being the most expensive.

The report shows that Australia is heavily reliant on airports and has the highest number of domestic airline seats per capita. These statistics are done for international standards and results.

Considering the increase in demand for limited parking spots at terminals, it is understood that the commission found that taxi cabs may be affecting the pricing. There are many ways to access airport precincts with the taxi, uber, other public transport, and off-airport car parks.

The variety of costs involved makes it more difficult for those who cannot spend the money needed to park close to the terminals to be on time for their flights. The prices are causing severe problems among passengers, and the public is seeking more ways to do research and change the pricing from Airports.

This situation makes it more transparent how important it is to go with the times and use reliable airport shuttle services rather than airport parking services. To save money and be sure a person will be on time for their flight, airport parking is not the best option.