Choosing the Right Airport Parking Deal for You

Airport parking can be an expensive exercise when not considering how to get the right deal for you. The best way to avoid disappointment is by choosing an option suitable for anyone’s needs, whether long term or short term. There are many ways to save on airport parking.

Meet and Greet – Fast – Average Price Range

Another excellent option for when someone is in a hurry. If they know that they will be just in time, this is a great option to pre-book. A flyer drops their car off at a car park close to the airport terminal with a meet and greet. The car is then left with a valet driver who takes the car and parks it securely in the designated parking area at a mid-range price.

Park and Ride – Most Affordable

It’s the cheapest option for airport parking. You will most likely be parking outside the airport grounds by choosing this option. Although outside the feet, it is a secure site. It might be quite a distance from the airport but will save you money and won’t be so far that it will cause an uncomfortable experience. It’s important to know that with park and ride, you can mostly park only for up to 30minutes.

On-Airport – Convenient – Mid Price Range

If time is not on one’s side, this is the perfect option, but it might be costly. On-site parking means that a person will be close to the terminals, and sometimes there are even shuttles that can take you from the parking site to the terminals. As a mid-range option, it will only be a bit more expensive than with Park and Ride.

Hotel and Parking – Ultimate Comfort – More Expensive

If you are staying in a hotel, this is a great option to keep your car safe and secure at the hotel while having the opportunity of transfers to and from the hotel to the airport. For the duration of a trip, the car will be staying at the hotel for convenience and security.

This option is becoming more popular with those staying close to the airport. Although this option is a bit more expensive, it’s the most convenient option for those staying in hotels.

Following this guide provides a perfect way to know your car will be safe and secure.