Is it Safe to Park at the Airport

Airport parking is essential for successful operations. Many people prefer to drive to the airport with their transport to not rely on anybody else and know they will be on time. All in all, it just seems like the most accessible and most affordable way to get to the airport but is it safe?

Whether you use on-site, off-site, or valet parking services at the airport, specific safety measures should be taken by the vehicle owner to ensure safety for the vehicle.

  • All valuables should be removed from the vehicle.
  • Always park the vehicle in an area that is well lit so that guard can keep an eye on it.
  • Choose a space that is permanently insight of the CCTV cameras.

Specific airport parking options are safe, and others may seem to have the same risks as any car park. On-site terminal airport car parks are usually right next to the terminals and are typically owned by the airport owners. They can be accessed by any member of the public, which makes it a common safety concern as with any parking area.

Airports charge premium fees for the luxury of parking your car there, whether long-term or not. Using these services, you can drive to the airport and leave it there for however long you need to, but the charges are expensive, and safety is not always as safe as you may think.

Off-site airport car parks are also available throughout Australia and depend on the company itself. Some off-site companies are guarded 24/7, making them the safest and most secure options for leaving a car, especially if the vehicle will be standing for a long time.

Valet parking services are mostly seen as the most secure but also the costliest option. Valet parking services are gated and covered with permanent CCTV recordings. Being manned, these parks are always attended to with reliable security and is not available for the public to enter the premises.

It is safe to park a car in airport parking areas, but standard procedures in safety need to be taken, and parking lots with a good reputation should be used.